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Diaporama 888天环游世界 – 福睿
– BEST OF HD 888天环游世界


DIAPORAMA The World in 888 Days, 60 countries, 126000 kmsin 8 minutes…

BEST OF VIDEO : Egypt revolution, pakistan border, algerian Sahara, North korea…

BEST OF NORTH KOREA (Pyongyang, train trip, nord/south border…)


North Korea videos

Countryside from train

“Frienship Museum” introduction

Pyongyang Metro station

Pyongyang exit metro station

Panmunjon (NK/SK border) Soldier explanations

Panmunjon site (NK/SK border)

School exercice in PYongyang

Young students singing in a school, Pyongyang

Talend young student singing in school

Pakistan – Wagah Ceremony, July 2011

Indonesia, Eruption BROMO Volcano, April 2011

Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, Presidential Campaign, February 2012

Egypt, Siwa Oasis (Call for Prayer all at once!), December 2011

Bolivia, Priest is blessing cars, August 2012

Peru (Lima) : Protestors againt local mafia, August 2012

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